Research and Healthcare Analytics

Research & Studies

There is little scientific research done to assess the suitability and impact of management practices in our healthcare context. Policy makers and managers are often wary of implementing new systems due to the lack of adequate evidence to support their decisions.

At CapBuild, we strive to address this challenge by undertaking research studies focused on health systems development. We are well positioned to work with govt. bodies, multi-lateral agencies, insurance firms as well as private providers in areas of; performance excellence; health economics and outcomes research; operations research; program feasibility assessment and monitoring and evaluation.

With a strong team of healthcare domain specialists who have worked with government, hospitals, healthcare NGO's and leading global consulting firms, across many countries, we are passionate about bringing in a culture of evidence based healthcare management practices through high quality Research studies and programs.

Healthcare Analytics

The pace of innovation in Healthcare Analytics is exhilarating; we at CapBuild believe that in depth knowledge of organizational structure, IT infrastructure, hospital operations is very crucial in understanding organization's problem areas, analytics requirements and setting analytics priorities accordingly.

At CapBuild we aim to provide data driven analytics and insights to hospitals' leadership team and the management to support their most important clinical and operational decisions and help build capacities to implement and sustain them. Keeping in mind the need for creating a solution, which provides dynamic and intelligent insights for improving overall clinical outcomes, enhance revenues, and help build efficiencies in the system, and is affordable, we provide "Analytics As a Service" [AAAS], that the hospitals can subscribe to, with additional support of experienced health care specialists who will help implement the solutions and build your organizations' capacities to service the needs in future.

To lead healthcare professionals and organizations

towards clinical excellence