About us

Focus Areas

Capacity Building

We are focused on the development and enhancement of sustainable skills in healthcare professionals to reduce health inequalities and outcome variations for all. We use relevant, detailed subject specific curriculum designed by leading subject matter experts that are customized to client needs. Our internationally acclaimed faculty imparts hands on training, bedside coaching and on the job learning with built in evaluation and assessments for demonstrable improvements. Our capacity building programs are targeted towards Doctors, Nurses, Paramedic and Allied Health and Unemployed youth.

Operational Excellence

We are committed to measurable improvement in both quality and efficiency of operational engagements in healthcare facilities. Our expertise stems from our ability in understanding the as is state and variations through robust value at stake analysis, performance improvement assessments and design and implementation of center of excellence across specialties and service areas. We identify and address client needs affecting either entire organization or a disease specific area or a functional/operational unit.

Clinical Model Development

We endeavor to scale individual islands of excellence into widely applicable models of patient and disease management. These rigorously tested clinical models can be implemented to improve disease outcomes by strengthening capacity, streamlining processes and providing analytical tools for decision support for Primary Care Physicians and frontline healthcare professionals.

To lead healthcare professionals and organizations

towards clinical excellence